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Our church offers a traditional setting

for your most sacred celebrations.  

Consider Holy Resurrection.


Mahvamp uzmah gokhyats, yev harootyampun yoorov,

mez uzgyanus barkevyats. Numa park haveedyans. Amen.


Through death He trampled down death,

and through His resurrection He granted us life. 

To Him be glory forever.  Amen.

 Dear Parishioners and Friends,



The excerpt above is from the introit dedicated to Holy Easter.  It is sung by the choir at the beginning of the Badarak on Easter morning.  These short phrases describe the action that Jesus took to bring us salvation.  Jesus died on the cross as a way to pay the penalty for our sinfulness.  By doing so, He removed the power that death has over us, because His sacrifice reconciles us with our Heavenly Father.


For us Christians, death is not the end, but a threshold for the transition to a greater existence in the presence of God.  And Jesus showed us the way when He, Himself, rose from the dead.  He took on a new resurrected life.  In doing so He gave us the example and the promise of what God our Creator has in store for us.  The Lord promises us a new and resurrected life as well.


So as we approach Holy Week and Easter this year, let us enter our spiritual birthplace, the Holy Church.  And as the choir sings the Resurrection Introit on Easter Sunday, let us celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus and let us rejoice for the gift of new life which He has granted us.



Kreesdos Haryav ee merelots!  

Christ is risen from the dead!


Orhnyal eh harootyoonun Kreesdosee!  

Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!


With blessings,


Rev. Fr. Sahak Kaishian

The Pastor and Parish Council of Holy Resurrection Armenian Church wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter and all God’s blessings throughout the year.


Armen Hadjinian

Parish Council Chairman, Sub-Deacon