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Paree Yegak - "Welcome"


Need Services?

If you would like to speak with

Fr. Sahak, please contact him directly at 414-745-6264 (mobile)  

414-421-9113 (home).

Deacon Armen Hadjinian’s number is



Liturgy is held

the first Sunday

of each month at 10am. 




Our church offers a traditional setting

for your most sacred celebrations.  

Consider Holy Resurrection.


Merry Christmas and Good Wishes for the New Year from

Holy Resurrection.  


Krisdos dzunav yev haydnetzav! Tzez yev mez medz avedis!
Christ is born and revealed! To you and us, this is great good news!


A Note from Armen


    2024 marks our parish’s 100th year. Bishop Parmsamyan had the opportunity to visit our church and cemetery while in between his busy schedule recently and he remarked how beautiful and peaceful our sanctuary and grounds were. I like to think that it is a reflection of our ancestral heritage. We respect those who have gone before us and literally built the church with shovels and brooms and nickels and dimes.

     A century later, we are here. Some families can trace themselves to that era but what is interesting are the new faces and names who have found a home here at 909 Michigan. The early families were right, out of sadness and loss Faith will grow. I’m glad that from the altar I can see the third and fourth (and now 5th!) generations of the grandparents in the pews as well as new people who have discovered the message of the Armenian Church.

Sub-Deacon Armen Hadjinian


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