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Paree Yegak - "Welcome"


Our Church
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If you would like to speak with

Fr. Sahak, please contact him at

414-745-6264 (mobile) or (email).

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Liturgy is held

the first Sunday

of each month at 10am. 

Holy Sacraments Celebrated



Our church offers a traditional setting

for your most sacred celebrations.  

Consider Holy Resurrection.

Donemk uz-Harootyoon Ko.

We celebrate Your resurrection!


Dear Parishioners and Friends,

The excerpt above is from the Melody sung at the beginning of the Divine Liturgy. It is a simple statement but is sung with a complex array of musical notes and flourishes. It is a basic statement, but at the same time it is a profound declaration about what we believe as Christians. And it is particularly poignant as we celebrate Easter - the Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In South Milwaukee, this declaration takes on even greater significance because our church is named after this miraculous event. Sourp Haroutune - Holy Resurrection Armenian Church in South Milwaukee also has the distinctive honor of being the first church in our diocese named for the Resurrection of Jesus, when it was consecrated in October of 1924.

This year marks the Centennial of our establishment as a community of faith with a consecrated structure that is a house of prayer where we come together regularly, as a community of faithful, to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. It is a place where we come to receive God's blessings and where we offer thanks to Our Creator for the abundant gifts that He gives us in this life.

As we enter the doors of the church on Easter Sunday, let us continue the tradition that has been handed down to us for nearly a century and let us each proclaim with the choir, "We celebrate Your Resurrection.”

Kreesdos Haryav ee merelots! Christ is risen from the dead!

Orhnyal eh harootyoonun Kreesdosee! Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!

With blessings,

Rev. Fr. Sahak Kaishian

The Pastor and Parish Council of Holy Resurrection Armenian Church wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter and all God’s blessings throughout the year

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