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Paree Yegak - "Welcome"


Need Services?

If you would like to speak with

Fr. Sahak, please contact him directly at 414-745-6264 (mobile)  

414-421-9113 (home).

Deacon Armen Hadjinian’s number is



Liturgy is held

the first Sunday

of each month at 10am. 




Our church offers a traditional setting

for your most sacred celebrations.  

Consider Holy Resurrection.


Dear Parishioners and Friends of Holy Resurrection,


A while ago, our city hosted an “Open Doors” day in which the public could visit and view historic buildings. We, representing one of the oldest congregations in the US, were asked to participate and we did. I didn’t expect many visitors, so I brought a lunch and paperwork. We had 45 people visit in 3 hours. Some were 3rd and 4th generation descendants of parishioners who had passed away. One young person thought her great-grandmother worshiped here. You should have seen her face when I showed her a picture of Grandma. 















On the subject of pictures, some of you may recognize the original Soorp Haroutune pictured above. If you look closely, you’ll see our parishioners taking a break from digging out the basement by hand. These were our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and for some great-great grandfathers. Working 6 day weeks in the glue factories of Carrollville, the smoky foundries of Appleton, BE and the tiny shops, they came together and supported this little church at 909 Michigan Avenue. When that one was destroyed by fire, the next generation built one twice as large and held the Armenian Diocesan Assembly here.


In 2024, we will mark our 100th Anniversary of Holy Resurrection. That is significant, but did you know that we are one of the few original churches left in South Milwaukee? We are. Some of you have moved away, but are still with us in spirit. When you are gathered with your families and you share stories, please tell them about a little church that was started by your ancestors with little money but much faith and is still holding services, baptisms, and weddings. If you are ever in town or just want to share stories, feel free to contact me. 


Sub-Deacon Armen Hadjinian


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